Eve Nelson

Employee and Industrial Relations Consultant

Eve Nelson is a Human Resource specialist who has a passion for helping small business achieve big things through their staff. Eve has worked with a number of small, medium and large organisations nationally in navigating the complex world of employee and industrial relations and FairWork legislation. Eve believes that the value of any business lies in its staff and by empowering business owners with the right skills and values their staff will deliver the best outcomes.

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My Tips

Tip 1

When recruiting new staff make sure you have done your homework on them. The right questions in an interview and while conducting reference checks can tell you more than any resume ever will.

Tip 2

Never confuse a performance review with performance management. Confusing the two can be very costly to your business.

Tip 3

If you can’t fire them, don’t hire them.

Good Books

My Books
  • If I Could Tell You Just One Thing – Richard Reed
  • The Secret Million Dollar Paradigm – Rachael Downie
  • Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff

Good Podcasts

My Podcasts
  • Clear and Vivid – Alan Alda
  • A Podcast of One’s Own – Julia Gillard
  • The Mentor – Mark Bouris
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