Rachael Downie

Business Success Mentor

Rachael Downie is a business success mentor and someone who is truly focused helping you understand the impact of your mindset on your business and life. Rachael works with a variety of individuals, businesses and CEOs both locally and internationally – simply because we all have the same blockages, doubts, limited thinking, money and staffing issues

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My Tips

Tip 1

Always have a mentor/advisory board that you are working with. People that have done what you want to do.

Tip 2

Do what you love and learn to delegate the rest.

Tip 3

Success is 95%mindset 5% strategy. You can have the best plans and strategies in place and not do them because your mind isnt in the right place. Continual personal and professional growth is key.

Good Books

My Books
  • You2, Price Pritchett
  • The New Psychocyberetics, Maxwell Maltz
  • Think and Grow Rich,Napolean Hill
  • As a Man Thinketth, James Allen
  • The Secret Million Dollar Paradigm Rachael Downie
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