Kerry Johnson

Business Solution & Technology Specialist

I’ve always been passionate about business information systems and identifying the potential and opportunities they can open up for any business, small or large. I own and lead two businesses, Complete Information Solutions and Total POS Solutions which service clients Australia-wide. They both focus on shaping and creating business systems and technology that make businesses better and decision making easier. With over 40 years’ experience working with businesses it’s a great feeling to be able to help people and businesses reach their goals by finding and mastering the power of systems and technology.

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My Tips

Tip 1

Don’t rush in trying to solve an immediate problem with a ‘quick fix’. Sit back and look at the big picture, where your business might be in 3-5 years and the total collective of solutions and technology this might be needed to achieve your goals.

Tip 2

Don’t let your apprehension about ‘cloud’ technologies hold your business back. Do your research and engage experienced guidance and you’ll never look back. Cloud technologies have low up-front costs and are constantly evolving, keeping your business at the forefront of business trends.

Tip 3

Take small steps and keep in touch with solution and technology trends. Don’t sit with an old legacy solution because it’s the easiest option. Being just a little bit brave and taking small steps beats letting a large divide evolve that is hard for anyone to traverse, when change management becomes a big issue and business interruption unavoidable.

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