Steve Wiggers

Managing Director of Scala Institute

Steve Wiggers is the managing director of Scala Institute, a consulting, training and workforce development company that is truly obsessed with taking organisations and individuals to the #NextLevel. Specialising in customer experience (CX), employee engagement, leadership and management capability, NPS, sales training and DISC Advanced® profiling.

Scala is proud to have developed over 5500 careers and worked with hundreds of business owners since 2010 and as a proud father of six(!), Steve believes that a focus on maintaining an awesome life-balance is critical to thriving in business.

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My Tips

Tip 1

Make everything about your customers’ experience and build you business and your team around that

Tip 2

Build a network of professionals around you. From a coach and mentor, to wealth advisors, professionals and like-minded people. Business is hard, don’t do it alone.

Tip 3

Share the load, empower the right people in your team and create space for them to surprise you!

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