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    Aaron McGurk
    Digital and Content Marketing
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    Anita Dahlenburg
    Business Advisor and Mentor
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    Daniel Quintin
    Insurance and Risk management Consultant
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    Eve Nelson
    Employee and Industrial Relations Consultant
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    Kerry Johnson
    Business Solution & Technology Specialist
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    Michael Denehey
    Business Coach
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    Rachael Downie
    Business Success Mentor
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    Raz Haroon
    Marketing Consultant
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    Rob Cameron
    Business Coach
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    Steve Wiggers
    Managing Director of Scala Institute
  • Contributor Spotlight

    Troy Trewin
    Owner at Grow a Small Business
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Closing the Knowing Doing Gap

I recently presented this to “Grow A Small Business”a monthly meet up group which is focused on helping businesses grow, with less stress and more …
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When is the right time for your Advisory Board to go formal, members become Company Directors?

After writing about when should a growing small business have a Board of Directors or Advisors, it became clear a lot of owners aren’t sure when th…

In 2002 moved back from London to buy a cafe restaurant in Hobart. Sold that in 2009 and started two cafes and a Mountain Bike Tour business. Grew from 5 FTE to now 20 and over $2m in annual sales (Jon Stagg)

In this episode, I interview Jon Stagg, the Founder/Owner of Atlas Cafe, The Stagg, and Hobart Mountain Bike Tours, all based in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania. After years working in banking and IT, …
By Troy Trewin

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