200: From a Professor at a Business School, now a Virtual Marketing Professor and Founder of a Mini MBA in Marketing. Became a CPD accredited & MBA standard course, representing 60 countries in the program with 20,000 alumni & 8 FTEs. (Mark Ritson)

By Troy Trewin
Owner at Grow a Small Business

In this episode, I interview Mark Ritson, Virtual Marketing Professor and Founder of Mini MBA in Marketing based in Cygnet, near Hobart here in Tasmania. Mark Ritson has set up his own Mini MBA to help entrepreneurs learn more about marketing and brand management conveniently through an online platform. 

From teaching in Business School and University, Mark decided to apply his knowledge in business and pursue new opportunities through online teaching platforms that are exclusive to marketing. Mini MBA in Marketing was established in 2016 and became a CPD accredited & MBA standard course with over 8 FTEs.

Mark has said that growing a business requires a lot of knowledge and consultations from skilled, successful & professional businessmen. So he says, “It’s listening to others that balance things out.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Provide online courses for marketing and brand management.
  • Helping people and entrepreneurs to study business conveniently.
  • Sharing experiences as Professor in a Business School and a worker at a huge International Business Companies.
  • Offering brand consultation for businesses and companies.
  • A company that represents 60 countries in the program.
  • Teaching how to avoid messing up with your work.
  • Providing training with the same kind in school business or MIT.
  • Learning how to apply self-discipline in growing a business.
  • Teaching on how to use and benefit from Net Promoter Score.
  • Giving tools to become the best marketer.

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“Maintain discipline and you will stay focused.” —Mark Ritson

“Seeing your efforts pay off is a great and satisfying pleasure every businessman could have.” —Mark Ritson

“Having a good relationship with your employees is also an essential way of growing a business.” —Mark Ritson

“It’s listening to others that balance things out.”—Mark Ritson

“You’ll never regret investing in yourself for this will play out the rest of your career.” —Mark Ritson


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