Rob Cameron

Business Coach

Rob Cameron is a Business Advisor who works with business owners to ensure they have a credible strategy that will help them achieve their financial and non-financial goals including achieving such things as performance improvement, growth, work-life balance, and business exits. He works with many Tasmanian business owners to help them implement their strategy through regular business coaching or team based Advisory Boards.

Rob is passionate about ensuring business owners have knowledge and access to the best knowledge, help and support available and this is why he regularly contributes to Business Blindspots.

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My Tips

Tip 1

Take time out every 12 months to reflect on what you are trying to achieve and what your strategy is for getting there

Tip 2

Surround yourself with a top-class advice team

Tip 3

Focus on doing less, but doing it better. Counter intuitively you always achieve more this way.

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